Take the Pain Out of UX Research

We plan, analyze and prepare user testing studies.

User Testing Research Studies

Our User Testing Research Studies provide learnings, recommended immediate fixes and research-based test ideas.
  Find out why, not just what
  Learn from real people in your target audience
  Learn what to fix now and test later
Our 5-step process helps us identify immediate changes to improve your visitor experience and A/B test optimization ideas that are based-on learning from your target audience.

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Is 14.2% a good win rate?
On average, 1 in 7 A/B tests finds a winner.

It’s hard to win when the easy opportunities are gone.
Stop guessing and find out what your audience wants.

The SharpTheory Difference

  •  All we do is UX research and test great ideas
    We are a highly specialized team that is 100% focused on learning and proving great ideas.
  •   Smarter A/B testing
    Using our SIMPL formula, we conceive and build A/B tests that produce positive results and actionable insights
  •   Use any user testing platform
    We can work with any user testing platform that you have subscription to. And if you don’t have a subscription, don’t worry, we include it in our service.
  •   Adobe Target Experts
    We can work with anything, but if you have Adobe Target then you can rest assured that you’re working with one of the best optimization teams around.

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